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Parkway School District

With buildings dating back 70-75 years in age, and having 33+ campuses with over 3.3 million square feet, energy efficiency presented some challenges for Parkway School District. From HVAC and variable frequency drives, to LED lighting and variable air volume boxes, the BizSavers program enabled the school district to accelerate the speed of achieving their energy savings goals while receiving more than $1.6 million in incentives. Furthermore, all the incentives they receive are used for additional energy projects, creating a snowball effect for greater savings and opportunities.

Hazelwood School District

When the BizSavers team demonstrated the savings opportunities the Hazelwood School District could achieve through making simple energy efficient upgrades, it was an easy decision for them to move forward. The school district started with LED lighting for immediate savings, but also achieved long term operational benefits, saving them over a half million dollars in energy year after year.

St. Louis Art Museum

To upgrade their HVAC and lighting systems, the Saint Louis Art Museum put an emphasis on efficiency, earning nearly $100,000 in incentives.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport

When St. Louis Lambert International Airport decided to upgrade its facilities, the airport partnered with the Ameren Missouri BizSavers® Program to maximize its energy efficiency and savings!

Meet Businesses that Benefit from BizSavers

National Department Store

Standard Incentives  
A national department store chain received a $23,172 incentive with a payback of 2.44 years. An analysis determined that retrofitting incandescent fixtures to LED fixtures would save more than $30,000 in electricity costs annually among the four stores.
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Indoor Race Track

Complete Renovation / New Construction 
Mike Johnson, the owner of indoor go-cart track Pole Position Raceway, went from $0 to nearly $15,000 in energy-cost savings each year by opting for high-efficiency lighting. His new building, formerly a big box department store, was in need of an extensive renovation, which qualified for a sizable New Construction incentive.
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Lighting Retrofit / Standard Incentives
Walgreens reduced its electric bill in each of its seventy-five stores in Ameren Missouri territory by more than $4,200 annually. The project included energy efficient upgrades to coolers and freezers. Not only will Walgreens enjoy more than $315,000 in annual energy savings, the company also received nearly $300,000 in cash incentives to offset project costs.
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