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Callaway and the Communities We Serve

Image of co-workers inside Callaway Energy Center control room.
Nothing is more important than plant safety
Callaway Energy Center has operated safely since it began operating in 1984, due in large part to the quality of plant construction, continuous preventive maintenance and ongoing rigorous training for facility personnel. 
Callaway is inspected routinely by U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) resident inspectors who are on site at the facility. In addition, the men and women who operate Callaway are licensed by the NRC after completing a demanding and arduous training program. 
Callaway was designed to ensure it could withstand earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural and man-made hazards. The reactor containment building features steel-reinforced concrete walls that are four feet thick. In the unlikely event of an accident or emergency, Callaway has redundant backup safety systems in place, including an automatic shutdown mechanism which can shut the facility down in a matter of seconds.

Economic Development
Not only does the Callaway Energy Center provide clean, safe and affordable electricity, is also provides a boost to Missouri’s economy. 

Quality Jobs 
Callaway Energy Center is a major source of good-paying jobs, with more than 1,000 Ameren Missouri employees and contractors working at the location. During refueling outages, which occur every 18 months, hundreds of supplemental workers are on site for several weeks - giving a significant additional boost to the local economy. Most of Ameren Missouri’s full-time employees working at the facility live in Callaway, Cole and Boone counties. However, more than 100 employees live in 24 other Missouri counties. 

Tax Revenue 
Callaway Energy Center is a major source of tax revenue to fund education and other critical services. On average, the facility accounts for about $10 million of Ameren Missouri’s annual property taxes paid to Callaway County, with about $7 million of that amount going to local schools. In addition, assessed values based on Ameren Missouri’s investment in the facility typically result in about $23.5 million in taxes shared by the remaining 66 Missouri counties where the company has facilities. 

Community and Civic Support 
Callaway Energy Center supports various community and civic activities, including United Way. In total, Ameren Missouri provides more than $4 million to charitable organizations in Missouri.
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