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Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), also known as “green tags or credits,” are proof that 1 megawatthour (MWh) of renewable energy was generated and delivered to the regional power pool. They represent the environmental attributes of the power produced from renewable energy projects. RECs are sold separately from the electricity commodity.

For every unit of renewable energy generated and delivered to the regional power pool, an equivalent number of RECs are created, representing a tracking mechanism to ensure that no two customers pay for the same unit of renewable energy generation.

When you sign up for Pure Power®, Ameren Missouri contracts for RECs to match the equivalent of your ongoing electrical needs or the number of Pure Power "Blocks"* you elect to purchase. Thus, the more RECs that are sold, the more demand is created for renewable power. As renewable facilities sell their RECs, demand shifts to bring more renewable energy sources online.

*1 "Block" = 1 Renewable Energy Certificate = 1,000 kilowatthours

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