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Right Tree. Right Place.

By planning the location and species of the trees you plant, you can ensure that they will be an asset to you and your community. Trees planted in the wrong place can cause property damage and interfere with the reliability of your electric service. We're here to help. Learn more about planting the right tree in the right place

Call 811 Before You Dig – It’s not only smart, It's the law. The 811 service marks the underground utility lines clearly so that digging in the area will not disrupt service! 

Avoid These Areas When Planting

Make sure your trees are not planted under power line, too close to poles or around any electrical equipment. Avoid these common mistakes:
Planting a small tree that grows to be very large near a power line
Planting trees and shrubs too close to a pad-mounted transformer
Planting trees and shrubs that block access to poles and electrical equipment

Municipal Partnerships

Ameren Missouri is proud to serve more than 100 local municipalities with safe, clean and reliable energy. We recognize the value of urban forests and believe in the importance of planting the right tree in the right place. We have initiated a municipal tree replacement program by partnering with municipalities to remove trees that require ongoing pruning away from utility wires. In some cases, these trees can even interfere with sidewalks and streets.  

Working together to remove and replace problem trees with utility friendly trees will benefit the safety and reliability of electrical service, and improve the aesthetics of the landscape. So far, Ameren Missouri has assisted in the replanting more than 1,000 city-owned trees across Missouri. 

The Ameren Missouri Vegetation Management Team would like to work with your community. Contact your local utility arborist to discuss a tree replacement program that benefits citizens and the environment alike.

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