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Energy Savings Tips

Here are actions to take around your house that can help you save energy.

Adjust your thermostat

Save up to 12% on your cooling costs by programming a smart thermostat. In the warmer months, raising your thermostat to the recommended temperature of 78 degrees will use less energy.

replace your hvac filter

Replace your HVAC filter

Replacing your furnace filter every 3 months can save you up to 15% and will help your furnace run efficiently. A dirty filter also allows dander, mold and dust to circulate throughout your home.

seal your home

Seal your home

Keep the heat and air conditioning indoors by caulking and weatherstripping your doors, windows, along molding and around electrical sockets and switches. Caulk, weatherstripping and window film kits are easy and inexpensive DIY options that can save you up to 30%.

change your bulbs

Change your light bulbs

Swap your incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs and use 80% less energy. LED bulbs use less energy and are longer-lasting and are more durable than incandescent or CFL bulbs.

Open your blinds during the day

Open your blinds

76% of the sunlight that falls on your windows can heat your home. On sunny winter days, open your curtains on the sunny side of your home to help warm your space and reduce the need to turn up your furnace. Combine this step with a programmable smart thermostat and save!

close your blinds after dark

Close your blinds after dark

30% of a home’s heat is lost through windows when the sun isn’t shining. In the evening, close your curtains and blinds to keep the heat in.

Set your ceiling fan

Set your ceiling fan

Set your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise in the summer, so you feel cooler. Set it to rotate clockwise in the winter to keep the warm air from rising to the ceiling. These simple changes can help you save up to 15% on your energy costs.

move your furniture

Move your furniture

Moving your furniture away from drafty windows and vents will keep you warmer in the winter and prevent you from turning up the heat. Obstructing vents also blocks heat and air conditioning, which wastes energy and may even pose a fire hazard.

use your grill

Use your grill

Grilling outside instead of using your stove not only helps you use less energy but keeps your home cooler. You can also save by using a small appliance, like an air fryer.

air dry your clothes

Air-dry your clothes

Save up to 20% on your energy costs by not using your dryer.

grow some shade

Grow some shade

Planting the right tree in the place can make a difference. Shade trees can reduce your energy costs by 30%.

warm up with rugs

Warm up with rugs

Using area rugs can keep you warmer by retaining heat. They also feel nicer on your bare feet.

warm up with rugs

Use dryer balls

Throw in reusable wool balls rather than dryer sheets and cut your drying time nearly in half.

warm up with rugs

Open your windows

When the weather is good, open windows on opposite sides of the room. This encourages efficient air flow and lets the fresh air in.

warm up with rugs

Shorten your shower

Every drop counts! Shaving off just three minutes from an eight-minute shower can help reduce your energy spending and conserve water.

switch to cold water

Switch to cold water

Wash clothes in cold water on the eco setting if possible. Washing in hot water uses up to 85% more energy.

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