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Permitting Process

Permit applications are reviewed for completeness and evaluated to ensure it meets shoreline management guidelines. For boat docks, the location of the proposed dock and property boundaries in relation to existing docks and impact on navigation will be considered. Multiple factors are considered for other authorized facilities, which include but are not limited to: amount of shoreline erosion, elevation, impact on project resources, location of project boundary, etc. Marking of the project boundary is recommended prior to planning lakefront projects and is required prior to applying for bank stabilization.

Review of the permit application may require approval or comments from federal, state or local agencies. Applicants must comply with the requirements of all other applicable regulations, restrictions, covenants and ordinances based on project location. Every possible situation cannot be anticipated. Ameren Missouri reserves the absolute right and discretion to make appropriate exceptions or modifications to Ameren Missouri’s requirements, make special rulings and impose additional requirements, including the requirement that the applicant provide a survey to verify the facility was installed at the correct elevation and location.

Once the review process is complete, the permit application will be approved, approved with conditions, or denied. If the application is denied and resubmitted at a later date, a new processing fee is required.

  • Failure to provide any of the required information will result in denial of the application or delay the processing of the application.
  • Construction may not proceed until a permit has been issued. Ameren Missouri has the right to direct the removal of docks or other structures and evoke enforcement fees if construction begins without a permit.
  • Permits will not be issued for houses or other habitable structures.

Transfer of Ownership

When the ownership of the property changes, Ameren Missouri must be notified by the new owner transferring the existing permits into their name. An application, processing fee, deed showing ownership and approved electrical inspection (where applicable) are required to be submitted.

When a property located within the area of the Lake Ozark Fire Protection District, Mid County Fire District, Osage Beach Fire Protection District, Rocky Mount Fire Protection District, Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District, or Northwest Fire Protection District transfers ownership, an inspection of the electrical system on the dock must be made by the Fire District in advance of transferring the dock permit to the new owners. This inspection must have been completed and approved within the previous 12 months. If a dock is sold and moved to a different property, a new permit is required prior to the dock being installed. The existing permit number stays with the property. It does NOT move with the dock.


New construction of docks and breakwaters or approved modifications to existing docks and breakwaters must be completed within one year from the date the permit is issued. If the work is not complete within the permit term, the permittee may apply for one six-month extension to complete the work. The extension will be granted provided there are no changes in the information that was submitted with the original application and the dock complies with current guidelines. All other activities (bank stabilization, piers, excavation, etc.) must be completed within two years from the date the permit was issued. Extensions are not available.

If a permit expires, the permit is null and void. After the permit has expired, a new application and fees must be submitted and a new permit issued.