Your energy, your way.

With the help of new online tools like Energy Manager, you have the power to manage your energy, your way, without sacrificing the comforts of everyday life.


Take the Home Survey to unlock powerful savings with Energy Manager

Accessible via your Online Account, Energy Manager is a new, interactive dashboard that shows you the specific energy usage of each appliance in your home.

More than that, it offers personalized savings recommendations based on your usage data and your Home Survey. It's your one-stop-shop for managing energy like a pro.

To access this new usage dashboard, log in to your Online Account. In the section labeled My Energy Manager, click See More Energy Usage Details.



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Make your usage data work for you

Check your appliance usage

Access My Energy Manager from your Account Dashboard and complete your Home Survey to get the most accurate results.

Log In & Check Usage

Enroll in Usage Alerts

No one likes surprise bills. Usage Alerts help you track your costs throughout the month so you can adjust your usage.

Log In & Enroll

Choose your rate option

If you have a smart meter, you can choose an energy rate that suits your lifestyle. By switching rates, you could save right away.

Find Your Rate

Ways everyone can save

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