Smart Energy Plan

Lower Rates. Greater Benefits for You.


The Ameren Missouri Smart Energy Plan was introduced on August 1, 2018 to electric customers as a way to offer greater value by keeping bills more stable, predictable and affordable through a rate cut, a rate freeze, and rate caps, all while upgrading the energy grid you depend on in a way that introduces new sources of clean, renewable energy into a smarter system. This plan was made possible by the passage and signing of Senate Bill 564, new energy legislation for Missouri.

To learn more, view the Smart Energy Plan video.


          Rate Cut

On August 1, your electric rates decreased by 6%. This will save the average residential customer about $72 a year. When federal taxes went down, we passed those tax savings on to you, resulting in that 6% decrease in electric rates. This is reflected on your monthly energy statement as the Federal Tax Rate Reduction. Learn more about how the rate cut works. 


          Rate Freeze

Your base electric rates won't go up from now until April 2020 because the Ameren Missouri Smart Energy Plan includes a rate freeze.


          Rate Cap

For the first time ever, rate caps will limit the size of any future rate increases for the life of the plan, making your energy costs more stable and predictable.


          Smart Energy Infrastructure

Proactive reliability projects will improve the dependability of your electric service and give you more control over your energy usage and costs by providing you information to make more informed choices. A Smart Grid refers to a suite of technologies – automation, remote controls, computer processing and two-way communication – designed to detect and prevent problems and restore power more quickly, and empower you to make more informed energy decisions.

          A Stronger Community

This Smart Energy Plan includes an economic development incentive to encourage Missouri businesses to expand and attracts out-of-state companies to build here, making it an even better place to do business and hire workers. Missouri benefits because this plan will introduce new sources of clean, renewable energy, including offering up to $28 million in solar rebates for customers. In addition, Ameren Missouri will allocate $14 million to universal solar by 2023.

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