Community Solar

Take part in solar energy generation without installing a single solar panel.

Ameren Missouri introduces an energy subscription plan, Community Solar


The Community Solar program is fully subscribed.  You may still apply for blocks but you will be placed on a waiting list

Community Solar is a simple solution for customers who want to take part in solar generation. Nothing is installed on a customer's roof and experts at Ameren Missouri take care of maintaining the solar panels. It's easy and accessible for virtually everyone; homeowners, renters and small businesses. Only customers who sign up for the program pay the cost of installing this new solar generation facility. 

The one megawatt solar energy generation facility will be built at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, an ideal location for solar panels with an abundance of open land that would otherwise go unused. Panels would be positioned away from runways and out of the line-of-sight of pilots taking off or coming in for a landing.


How Community Solar works:

  • The subscription program is open to all residential and small business customers
  • Interested customers who qualify can sign up for 100 kilowatt-hour blocks of solar energy
  • Each block replaces 100 kWh of energy from your normal bill
  • Customers can subscribe to up to half of their average usage over the past 12 months
  • A limited number of blocks will be made available
  • Once the program is fully subscribed, construction of the solar facility will begin at Lambert International Airport
  • Solar generation could start as soon as next spring, billing will begin when generation begins
  • It's easy to enroll from a desktop computer. You'll need an online account to complete the process

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Frequently Asked Questions 

*Both Community Solar and Pure Power are voluntary, renewable energy programs offered by Ameren Missouri. Find out more

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