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Renewable Solutions

Power your Business with Renewable Energy

Get in on the ground floor of a simple way to power your business with renewable energy.

Wind turbines in a field. Renewable Solutions is a subscription-based program that allows eligible businesses and organizations to replace up to 100% of their total energy use with renewable sources. Ameren Missouri will build renewable energy facilities on the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) grid to match demand from subscribing customers. Through a subscription, you can directly support adding renewable energy to the grid and receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECS).

Solar panels in a field.

  • Subscribe to pay for a fixed amount of renewable capacity at a fixed price
  • Replace up to 100% of your energy with clean sources (solar and wind)
  • Lock in price certainty with a long-term contract for 15 years
  • Renewable Energy Credits are automatically tabulated and retired on your behalf
  • Transmission, distribution, and non-solar generation portions of your bill will continue to be subject to future rate changes

Two Asian women gardening under solar panels.

  • Effortless Renewable Energy: No negotiations, maintenance, or administrative work.
  • Price Certainty: Rate lock with a long-term contract.
  • Investing in Local Clean Energy: Built, owned, and maintained locally.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: An investment in the socioeconomic, workforce, and environmental welfare of communities where your customers live and work.

Predictable Pricing

Renewable Solutions ensures price certainty with no market risk. Credits are calculated by multiplying the total amount of renewable energy generated by the facility (measured in kWh) by a known rate. Charges are calculated by multiplying your portion of the renewable resource (in kW) by a separate known rate. Read more about the proposed rules of the program, credits and charges.

Simple, Easy Payments

Renewable energy costs will appear on your standard monthly electric bill as two line items: the charge and the credit. Your bundled Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) will be tabulated monthly and retired on your behalf semi-annually.

No Capital Investment

Since Ameren Missouri is building the renewable energy infrastructure, customers will not have to pay large, upfront capital costs. We will handle all negotiations, operations, maintenance, and administrative work.

Keep Your Clean Commitment

Subscribing to Renewable Solutions is an easy way to keep your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint and meeting your sustainability goals by using clean energy.

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Renewable Solutions is growing. When we have enough demand from subscribers, we will build renewable power facilities on the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) grid.

The Renewable Solutions program was filed for approval with the Missouri Public Service Commission in July, 2022. The process could take up to nine months and will be open for enrollment after approval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ameren Missouri will own and operate the facility; we have a century-plus track record of successful and efficient generation facility operation.
The facility's capacity is 150 MW; it will be located in Southern Illinois.
We expect construction to begin in mid-2023 and the resource will be in service by the end of 2024.
It is expected to be very limited as the equipment will be located in open agricultural areas. We will improve biodiversity with native wildflower plantings.
There are no minimum or maximum load levels that would trigger termination. However, if the customer ceases to be eligible for the program as defined in the tariff, their subscription would be terminated.
Yes; in this case, participation will be based on your net load.
The charge and credit rates will remain as defined in the tariff throughout your subscription. The Renewable Solutions Program was designed so subscribers are not subject to market price risk.
No, only active Ameren Missouri business customer accounts are eligible to participate in the program.
The actual credit amounts will be based on the actual production of the resource on a monthly basis.
The Ameren Missouri team is targeting MPSC approval by spring 2023.
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