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Learn if Solar is Right for Your Business

Ameren Missouri wants to help businesses looking to invest in solar energy. There are a variety of options available today, including having solar panels installed on your business. It's important to understand all the steps to private solar installation when connecting to the Ameren Missouri grid. Keep reading to learn more.

Install Solar for Your Business

Keep reading to learn more.

All About Going Solar

Sizing your system properly to produce the amount of energy you are needing is important. Reviewing your energy statements over the past 12 months will help you determine your power needs. Commercial installations typically range from 50 kW to 300 kW and larger. Your solar installer will help you determine the proper system size.
Installing solar typically isn't a DIY project. If you are unsure what questions to ask, please review this checklist – Questions to Ask Your Solar Provider (PDF). To find an installer, please visit www.moseia.com and review their installer list. We recommend getting three estimates for comparison.
Once you have selected a solar installer, they can complete for you based on your system. You and your installer can also view our FAQ's to better understand size requirements. Ameren Missouri will review the submitted application and approve or reply within 30 days (systems 10kW and below) or 90 days (11 kW and larger systems). After your installer completes the installation, they will return sections E/F of the application and get an inspection if your municipality requires it. Ameren Missouri will then order a bi-directional meter if applicable. Current bi-directional meter costs are $226 for a single phase and $169 for three phase. Your installer will guide you through the final stages before you start enjoying the benefit of solar energy.

If a customer either chooses not to apply for net metering or their system size is above 100 kW, they will need to apply for an agreement called a Qualifying Facility agreement. This agreement requires the customer to make one of the following choices.

  • No excess energy will be purchased by Ameren Missouri. The metering equipment necessary to measure the energy from the customer to Ameren Missouri will not be installed. Any energy delivered from the customer to Ameren Missouri will not be measured and the customer will not be compensated for this energy.
  • Excess energy purchases by Ameren Missouri- Metering equipment to measure the delivery of energy from Customer to Company will be installed. Any energy delivered by Customer to Company will be purchased by Company in accordance with Company’s Electric Power Purchases From Qualifying Facilities tariff, and Customer will be assessed the monthly Customer Charge specified in Section 1.c. (in addition to the Customer Charge applicable under Company’s standard rates for retail electric service). Energy purchased by Company will be at the rates specified in Section 1.a. Non-Time-Differentiated rate unless the Customer has elected to purchase energy under one of Company’s Time-of-Day rates in which case the energy purchased by Company will be at the rates specified in Section 1.b. Time-Differentiated rate.

A one line diagram and spec sheets for the inverter and the solar panels are still required with this application. The application will go through the same review process by our engineering staff. There is no set time for approving this agreement.

Net Metering

Qualifying Facility (QF)

Maximum System Size Maximum size for net metering for residential or commercial installations is 100 kW or enough to offset the full load of the facility. Maximum size for a Qualifying Facility is 500 kW. For larger systems please contact Applied Energy Group at amerensolar@appliedenergygroup.com
On Line Application Yes Yes for systems up to 500 kW. For larger systems please amerensolar@appliedenergygroup.com
Billing The customer is billed monthly for the net difference in what they received from Ameren Missouri and what they delivered to Ameren Missouri. If more is delivered than received the customer will receive a credit on their energy statement. The customer chooses one of the following. (1) No excess energy will be purchased and no metering equipment will be installed. Any energy delivered to Ameren Missouri will not be measured and the customer will not be compensated for this energy. (2) A bi-directional meter is installed and any energy delivered by the customer to Ameren Missouri will be purchased at the tariff rate. *No netting occurs under a QF agreement. Any energy that flows to Ameren Missouri is purchased by Ameren Missouri.
Bi-directional meter There is a one-time charge on the customer's energy statement. If the customer has chosen sales of excess production to Ameren Missouri a bi-directional meter charge is billed monthly on the energy statement.

As of December 31st, 2023, Ameren Missouri no longer has a solar rebate program. However, new and expanding solar installations are required to go through the application process.

View details regarding Ameren Missouri Solar Rebates (PDF).

Customers who have submitted applications can check their Solar Credit Project Status (PDF).

Have More Questions? 

Please contact us at amerensolar@appliedenergygroup.com.

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