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Electric Forklifts and High-Capacity Lift Trucks

Replace diesel, gasoline and propane-powered lift trucks (forklifts) with electric models to reduce maintenance and fuel costs, improve safety and reduce air and noise pollution. Lifting capacities are equal to combustion models, and operation is smoother, quieter and safer.

Let Electrics Do the Lifting

Reduced fuel, maintenance and ownership costs

Daily energy is about half the cost of petroleum refueling. Simpler designs and fewer parts cut service time and costs.

Create healthier and safer work environments

Enjoy better on-site air quality, reduce operator fatigue, and avoid on-site storage of hazardous fluids.

Improve your environmental profile

Be a sustainability leader. No local emissions and less generating emissions. Fewer replacement parts, less fluid disposal.

Lift as much as internal combustion lift trucks

Lifting capacities are typically in excess of 25,000 pounds. More responsive, instantaneous lifting power.

Cost of Electric Lift Trucks or Forklifts

Electric lift trucks and forklifts cost less to fuel and maintain. Electricity is less expensive than conventional fuels. Electric lift trucks have 90% fewer parts than combustion models, so repairs are less frequent, faster and less costly.

While batteries and charging equipment options make initial purchase prices higher, the payback period is short and there is no longer a requirement to have a second battery for each electric truck. On average, it takes two years or less to recoup the costs of electric lift trucks.

Fuel Cost Comparison

Electric Lift Trucks Internal Combustion Lift Trucks Diesel Propane

Cost per Kilowatt-Hour (kWh)


Fuel Cost per Gallon



Unit Demand (in kilowatts)


Average Gallons Displaced/Hour



Hours Plugged in per Week


Hours Used per Week



Annual kWh


Annual Gallons



Total Annual Fuel Cost

(by converting to electric)


Total Annual Fuel Cost



Estimated Annual Fuel Savings
(by converting to electric)
$2,696 $5,680

*Source: Missouri AAA

Electric Lift Truck Operations

Electric lift trucks allow you to store more products because they can operate in narrower aisles than combustion models. And pneumatic-tire models can operate outside, even in rain, snow or mud. The battery compartments are sealed and/or contained. Most electric lift trucks and forklifts can lift up to 10,000 pounds, and some as much as 40,000 pounds. They are more responsive, and the lifting power is instantaneous. Many operators quickly come to prefer electric over combustion lift trucks.

Electric Lift Truck Batteries

Multiple charging strategies along with a variety of battery technologies are possible to support different work shift arrangements. Opportunity-charged batteries are charged for brief periods several times daily to maintain working charge, combined with a weekly eight-hour equalization charge. Conventionally charged batteries can operate on eight-hour segments of operating, charging and cooling. Properly maintained batteries can typically operate for five years under manufacturers’ warranties. Dealers can help configure the right battery and charger combination for most needs.


Work Environment Benefits

Electric lift trucks create a cleaner and healthier work environment. They produce zero site emissions, and a typical conversion to an electric lift truck can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 metric tons annually. They are exceptionally quiet, improving operator awareness and reducing accidents. There’s no need to store and handle combustible fuel, and employees are not exposed to exhaust. Strategically located charging can reduce accidents by up to 20%.


Electricity is cheaper than conventional fuel. Electric forklifts also have 90% fewer parts than their internal combustion counterparts, so maintenance is easier and repair costs are lower.
With lifting capabilities of up to 10,000 pounds, most electric forklifts lift as much as conventional forklifts, and some can lift as much as 40,000 pounds.
Manufacturer warranties are typically for five years, as long as the batteries are maintained properly. Most dealers will work with their battery suppliers to find the right battery and charger combination.
Yes. Incentives are available to assist the move to electric equipment and vehicles. You can also maximize your savings with off-peak/on-peak rates

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