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Electric Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

Benefits of Going Electric

Pay Less at the Plug

With Ameren's low rates, fueling electric vehicles is like paying $1.00 per gallon of gasoline.

Sustainable Strategy

Be a leader by meeting your sustainability goals and your customers’ requirements. EVs produce no local emissions, and Ameren’s generating emissions are significantly lower.

Cut Maintenance Costs

Consumer Reports found EV maintenance costs are 50% less than gas-powered cars. No oil and filter changes cut maintenance downtime.

A Healthier, Safer Work Environment

Employees breathe easier with zero point of use emissions. Smooth, quiet operation reduces operator fatigue and improves awareness. No on-site hazardous fuel storage or messy oil leaks.

The Equipment Is Here

Electric Lift Trucks

Replace diesel, gasoline and propane-powered forklifts with electric models to reduce maintenance and fuel costs, improve safety, and reduce air and noise pollution. Get an incentive for high-capacity forklifts up to $2,500 on new purchases, and up to $1,250 for leases.
Electric Lift Trucks

Electric Truck Refrigeration Units

Plug in instead of running on diesel by switching to electric-standby truck refrigeration units (eTRUs) to cool perishables and get an incentive of $1,600 per eTRU port purchase.
Explore eTRUs

Electric Terminal Tractors

Reduce operation and maintenance expenses when you switch to electric-powered trailer handling in your terminal or cargo yard.
Electric Terminal Tractors

The Fleet Vehicles Have Arrived

Fleet Passenger Vehicles

A wide range of electric sedans, SUVs, trucks and vans is available today, and new model releases are accelerating.


After more than 100 years of combustion power, electric vans, medium-duty box trucks, terminal tractors and heavy-duty regional haul tractors are ALL on the road today.
More About Fleet

Buses and Shuttles

Electric transit buses, school buses and shuttles provide clean, reliable, and cost-effective transportation to our kids and communities.



Ameren Missouri and government bodies are providing generous incentives and tax credits to help businesses reduce costs for electric vehicles, equipment and charging capabilities.

More About Incentives


Get Help With Ameren Missouri Expertise

Whether you’re taking your first look at switching from combustion to electric technology or are closer to transitioning to vehicle electrification, you can rely on the experts at Ameren Missouri, from feasibility evaluations through startup. We can help with:

  • In-depth review of your current operations and requirements
  • Vehicle availability and performance
  • Petroleum fuel versus electric operating costs
  • Fleet rightsizing recommendations
  • Maintenance comparisons
  • Emissions comparisons
  • Charging equipment requirements
  • Grid connectivity
  • Connections to contractors
  • Interface with local and state governments

Let’s Talk About an Electric Vehicle Future

We understand that transitioning to electric is a big undertaking, but we can make it a lot easier to accomplish. We’re excited about partnering with you to explain the benefits, analyze feasibility and help you make a smooth transition to a cleaner, more sustainable, more profitable future.

Fill out the form to sign up for updates and connect with our electrification experts. We look forward to helping you cut your operating and maintenance costs and make your enterprise a showcase for sustainability in action. We'll make sure you get the information and resources you need to move forward.

For a direct conversation about fleet vehicles call Ken Kresyman at 314.330.1216.

To talk to us about forklifts, eTRU or terminal tractors call John Maue at 618.541.8975.

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