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Electric Fleet Vehicles

Electric fleet vehicles have arrived and they’re here to stay. If your business operates on-road vehicles, you can enjoy performance that’s even better than combustion-powered models, save big on fuel and maintenance, and improve the sustainability of your enterprise.

Why invest in electric fleet vehicles?


Save up to 50% on installation of charging equipment, and up to a $7,500 federal tax credit for fleet passenger vehicles.

Lower Fuel and Maintenance Costs

At today’s prices for gasoline and diesel, electric saves 60% on daily energy. And you can save 40% on maintenance.

Improve Your Sustainability

Take the lead in cleaner operation and maintenance. Meet your sustainability goals and stand out in your community.

Superior Performance

Today's electric vehicles deliver power on par with combustion vehicles and are smoother and quieter.

What types of electric fleet vehicles are available to businesses?

Fleet Passenger Vehicles

A wide range of electric sedans, SUVs, trucks and vans is available today, and new model releases are accelerating.


After more than 100 years of combustion power, electric vans, medium-duty box trucks, terminal tractors and heavy-duty regional haul tractors are ALL on the road today.

Buses and Shuttles

Electric transit buses, school buses and shuttles provide clean, reliable and cost-effective transportation to our kids and communities.

Save Up to 50% On Charging Station Installation

Electric vehicle charging stations can give your business a boost, and Ameren Missouri can help with incentives that can cover up to 50% of your total project cost. Ameren Missouri incentives are available for installing Level 2 and DC Fast Charging stations to support many types of trucks, buses, shuttles and passenger vehicles.

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Get Up to $40,000 in EV Tax Credits

A generous new federal tax credit offers up to $40,000 for vehicles weighing over 14,000 lbs. and $7,500 for vehicles under 14,000 lbs. This tax credit can significantly reduce the purchase cost of new passenger automobiles, pickup trucks and SUVs. Qualifying vehicles include all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles purchased new in or after 2022. Hundreds of vehicles from dozens of worldwide manufacturers qualify for this tax credit.

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Work With Our Electric Vehicle Partners

Make your charging station project a reality faster with help from an Ameren Missouri Electric Vehicle Partner (EVP). From start to finish, they can help with expertise on the advantages of going electric, electric vehicles and equipment, charging, and connections to contractors and other professionals in the EV marketplace. Our EVPs can also make your application process for Ameren Missouri incentives quick and painless.

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EPA Clean School Bus Rebate Program

In April 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) opened its Clean School Bus Program, providing $250 million in rebates for zero-emissions school buses for high-need school districts, tribal schools and rural and low-income areas.

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Electric Trucks and Buses: A Better Driving Experience

Once behind the wheel of an electric truck or bus, drivers don’t want to look back. They deliver plenty of power and provide a smoother, quieter, less-fatiguing driving experience.

Electric delivery trucks don’t noisily idle or produce emissions. Many are available with safety systems that protect pedestrians and bicyclists.

Electric school buses don’t produce harmful curbside emissions, and their quiet operation is better for noise-sensitive kids.

Fuel, Maintenance and Emissions Comparison

It costs less to operate electric vehicles. Daily fuel costs are significantly less, especially with today’s high prices for diesel and gasoline. Simpler designs reduce maintenance costs, and total emissions are far lower.


Average fuel savings


Average maintenance savings


Total emissions reductions including generation

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Thinking about what the future of transportation looks like for your business? We understand that making the switch to electric can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be.

From passenger cars to trucks and buses, electric fleet vehicles can save you money; improve the sustainability of your business; and provide a better, safer experience for drivers.

We partner with you to understand your goals, analyze feasibility and financial impacts, then deliver custom solutions while helping you all the way from concept to implementation.

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