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Electric Terminal Tractors

Reduce operation and maintenance expenses when you replace diesel-powered terminal tractors with electric-powered trailer handling in your terminal or cargo yard. You will also improve safety and reduce air and noise pollution, supporting your company’s sustainability goals.

The New Power in Terminal Operations

A Cleaner, Healthier Work Environment

Improved sustainability through lower emissions, less fluids like engine oil and coolant, fewer replacement parts.

Lower Operating Costs

Daily energy is about half the cost of petroleum refueling. Lower maintenance costs and more uptime.

Performance Equivalent to Diesel Units

Same torque and horsepower as diesel tractors, smoother acceleration, less vibration and heat.

Quieter and Safer

Less noise, emissions, and vibration make operation safer.

Cost of Electric Terminal Tractors

Electric terminal tractors cost less to operate. Electricity is less expensive and more efficient than diesel, and there’s no idling. Fewer moving parts reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime. A typically utilized electric terminal tractor can see an ROI of 36 months.

Fuel Cost Comparison

Kalmar Ottawa T2e Electric Spotter Diesel Spotter

Cost per Kilowatt-Hour (kWh)


Fuel Cost per Gallon


Unit Demand (in kilowatts)


Average Gallons Displaced/Hour


Hours Plugged in per Week


Hours Used per Week


Annual Hours of Usage


Annual Hours of Usage


Annual kWh


Annual Gallons Used


Total Annual Fuel Cost

(by converting to electric)


Total Annual Fuel Cost


Estimated Annual Fuel Savings
(by converting to electric)

How Electric Tractors Benefit Operations

Electric tractors match the torque and horsepower of combustion-powered units with smoother acceleration and less vibration and heat. They also deliver more uptime, cut maintenance time and provide a significant reduction in the number of fluid disposals.

Batteries & Charging

It varies somewhat by configuration, but charging typically takes two to three hours. If your operation will use opportunity charging, this approach actually helps to maintain battery longevity. Battery life is generally excellent; they are typically warranted for five years or 15,000 hours. Most equipment dealers or your Ameren Missouri program specialist can provide details.

Environmental Benefits

Electric terminal tractors produce zero on-site emissions, allowing higher air quality for your location and for neighbors. Their higher operating efficiency and greater efficiency at utility power generation sites makes them a more environmentally responsible choice than combustion vehicles. They create a cleaner work environment by eliminating fluids like diesel, engine oil and coolant. And they are much quieter, a plus for your employees and neighbors.


There are fewer moving parts to an electric tractor and maintenance is reduced accordingly. Additionally, electric is a more reasonable and reliable fuel source.
Yes. Electric tractors match torque and horsepower with smoother acceleration and less vibration and heat.
This will vary by battery configuration, but typically between two and three hours.

Start the conversation about transitioning to electric

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An electric terminal tractor reduces noise, vibration and exhaust (zero emissions at site) making it safer and healthier to operate.

With fewer moving parts and an intuitive diagnostic system, servicing will require fewer technician hours, generate savings and improve machine uptime.

As an Ameren Missouri customer, you have the opportunity to experience these technology advancements firsthand. Schedule a “no charge” demonstration at your location today.

  • Review existing diesel terminal tractors and operating costs
  • Discuss the benefits and advantages of electric terminal tractors

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