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Business Social Services program workflow.

Who is eligible for the incentives?

  • Customers must be classified under the Ameren Missouri Small General Service (2M) or Large General Service (3M) electric rate class and also be a public 501c(3) non-profit tax exempt facility
  • Customers must use an approved BSS Service Provider to purchase and install eligible equipment
  • All applications must be submitted to the program office by the approved Service Provider
  • Incentives will only be available to the portion of the facility primarily used to provide Social Services to the low-income public
    • Examples include: food banks, food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, employment services, worker training, job banks, and childcare.

What incentives does the BSS program provide?

  • Lighting incentive covers 100% of eligible costs
  • Elevated incentive rates on eligible non-lighting to help offset the financial burden for BSS customers
  • New energy-efficient equipment to create a better service environment
  • Energy cost savings which can then be reinvested into helping the community

How do I apply for the program?

  • Choose an approved BSS service provider from this list 
  • Your service provider will help you first confirm eligibility, then navigate the application process, identify upgrade opportunities, and facilitate equipment installation
  • There are currently 8 diverse contractors exclusively assigned BSS projects and more will be added over the upcoming year
  • In the program, you will have support from start to finish with prescriptive incentives, application processes, and an approved diverse service provider network specifically designed to support the non-profit, BSS customers

Get Started

Contact a registered BSS Service Provider from the list above or contact the BizSavers team to learn how to get your project started.

Phone: 866.941.7299

Fax: 314.814.8900

Email: BizSavers@ameren.com

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