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Clean Energy Programs

What are the differences between Community Solar and Pure Power, Ameren Missouri's voluntary, renewable energy programs?

Community Solar - Ameren Missouri Residential and Small General Service electric customers.

Pure Power - All Ameren Missouri electric customers.

Community Solar - Community Solar replaces energy from your monthly usage at the Community Solar rate. Each 100 kWH block costs $13.95 for residential and $13.09 for small general service customers. The regular rate for residential and small general service customers varies by season and amount of usage  and can be found in the electric rate tariffs at ameren.com/missouri/residential/rates/ or ameren.com/missouri/business/rates/.

Pure Power - Pure Power is an addition to a customer's energy statement for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  Residential customers can purchase blocks of RECs at $5/500 kWh block or $10/1000 kWh block, or purchase RECs to cover 100% of their energy consumption at $.01/kWh. Small General Service customers can purchase 1000 kWh blocks for $10 each or purchase RECs to cover 100% of their energy consumption at $.01/kWh.


Community Solar - There is a $25/block participation fee that helps reduce the cost of construction for the project.

Pure Power - There is no participation fee.


Community Solar 
  • There is a 24 -month minimum commitment for at least one (1) - 100 kilowatt hour (kWh) block of solar energy once the Community Solar energy center is committed to construction. 
  • The 24 month commitment period begins with the first energy statement that includes the energy charge for Community Solar. 
  • Prior to the Community Solar energy center being committed to construction, you can adjust your blocks up or down or cancel completely. 
  • Once the Community Solar energy center begins construction, you can adjust your blocks up or down as long as you are subscribed to a minimum of one (1) – 100 kWh block. 
  • You are unable to cancel your entire subscription unless there is a person on the waiting list to take your place, or you move out of the Ameren Missouri territory.

Pure Power - Pure Power can be cancelled or added at any time.


Community Solar - The Solar RECs associated with the production of solar energy at the Lambert Airport Renewable Energy Center are retained by Ameren Missouri.

Pure Power - Wind RECs for Pure Power are retired on behalf of the customer, which means the customer gets credit for the RECs.

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