Business Energy Efficiency Programs


The current Ameren Missouri BizSavers® Program concluded on January 31, 2019. We’re excited to announce the 2019-2021 BizSavers Program will begin on March 1, 2019. Check back here on that date for new program information.

Contact the BizSavers® office at 866.941.7299 or email us at BizSavers if you have questions about an existing rebate or program.

Who Can Apply?

We offer a wide range of incentives on a variety of energy-efficient services and equipment for Ameren Missouri electric business customers. We've helped thousands save energy month after month including nonprofit organizations, schools, government institutions, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, religious organizations and many more.

There are Multiple Ways to Save Energy and Earn Cash Incentives

We offer a variety of incentive programs to fit different project types, sizes and budgets.
Determine if pre-approval is required before you get started on any project.  

Standard Incentives

Incentives are paid on a per-unit-installed basis and are available for a variety of qualified improvements. Projects that include all Standard measures do not require pre-approval unless the incentive is anticipated to be more than $10,000. Eligibility for a Standard Incentive requires customers to install measures achieving a minimum total incentive of $150 per application. All Standard Incentive applications must be submitted within 180 days of equipment invoice date. 

Custom Incentives                         

If your energy efficiency improvement is not on the Standard Incentives list, it may be eligible for a Custom Incentive. Virtually any cost-effective energy efficiency project qualifies for a BizSavers incentive, including specialized systems and equipment. Custom Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. These incentives require a pre-approval incentive offer before equipment purchase or installation

new construction
New Construction Incentives

Incentives are available for ground-up construction, additions or expansions, building repurposing and complete commercial building restorations. The program encourages building owners and designers to evaluate and install systems with higher energy efficiency than the standard or planned systems. New Construction Incentives must be applied for and approved prior to construction, and purchase and installation of equipment. 

Whole Building Performance/Retro-Commissioning Incentives (RCx)

Retro-Commissioning improves a building's operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures to enhance overall building performance. To participate in this program, your facility must have more than 100,000 sq. ft. of conditioned space or systems that exhibit higher than average energy use intensity. Additionally, you may be eligible to receive RCx Incentives for optimization activities for production and process systems. To get started you must use an approved BizSavers RCx service provider

Small Business Direct Install
Ameren Missouri offers enhanced cash incentives for small business customers through the Small Business Direct Install Program. To get started, check to see if your business is eligible. 


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