Combustion Turbine Generators

Peno Creek Photo 

Ameren Missouri runs a diverse fleet of nine natural gas-fired and five oil-fired Combustion Turbine Generators (CTG’s) in Missouri and Illinois. CTG’s generate about 40% less carbon dioxide than conventional coal-fired energy centers. CTG's provide efficient, cleaner and reliable peaking power for our customers when they need the energy most. These energy centers can quickly begin providing energy to the power grid making them a reliable energy resource in our portfolio. On days of extreme temperatures, CTG’s give us the ability to add generation to meet the high demand. 

As Ameren Missouri pursues more opportunities for renewable generation like wind and solar, the nimble CTG’s are poised to “pick up the slack” when renewable sources aren't generating. The wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine. Having CTG’s as part of our energy mix allows Ameren Missouri to maintain grid reliability and meet demand quickly with low-emission generation.


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