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Instructions for Permit Application

A permit application must be submitted to Ameren Missouri prior to the installation or construction of any activity affecting project lands. Approval from the Corps of Engineers is required for any activity (except boat docks) located lakeward of elevation 658.5 feet or in a wetland. Review our Permitting Process for more information.
  • Copy of fire district permit or electrical approval (for docks and pumps) - Find participating Fire Districts.
  • Drawings to scale on 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Drawings must show the following information: 
  • Location of the activity within the applicant’s property lines extended lakeward.
(Drawing 1:1)

Drawing showing the location of the dock in relation to docks on either side, and across the cove or channel from the applicant’s dock. 
• Distance from the dock to the applicant’s property lines extended lakeward. 
• Distance from the end of the dock to the center of the channel or cove, and the distance across the channel or cove. 
• Distance to the nearest dock on each side of applicant’s dock. 
• Dimensions of the proposed dock. 
• The dock location drawing must be drawn to scale.

(Drawing 1:2)

Lowest elevation of the proposed activity. For a concrete seawall, this would generally be the elevation at the base of the wall. 
• Distance from the toe of the bank to the seawall. 
• Height of the proposed seawall. 

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