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It's easy to sign up for text alerts and notifications, right from your phone:
Step 1: Text REG to 40401 to sign up for alerts 
Step 2: Go to your email to confirm your registration
Step 3: Text SUB to 40401 to go paperless and more

Available Alerts

Check out all of your Ameren alert options or get detailed information in our FAQs. Please also review our terms and conditions and privacy statement.

Outage Information+             
Energy Assistance Pledge Posted+
Paperless Billing  
Weekly Cost Summary 
Bill Reminders+  
Cost Threshold
Budget Billing Adjustments++  
Usage Threshold
Payment Notice+  
Connect & Disconnect+
Credit Issues+  
Weather Alerts for Ameren Illinois GDS-5 and DS-6 customers

*  Outage Information alerts will send a notification when power may be off in your area, as well as providing estimated restoration updates for reported outages

+  Default alerts with sign-up

++Default alert for program participants only

Read more on how to sign up: Text Alerts (PDF)  |  Email Alerts (PDF) 


Message and data rates may apply to your SMS Alerts & Notifications. 


Text STOP to 40401 to unsubscribe from Ameren Alerts. Text STOP to 89307 to unsubscribe from Potential Power Outage Notifications.

Outage Notifications Feature 

Learn more about our new outage notification feature which alerts customers to a possible outage at their service location.

Do Not Disturb Option

You have the option to schedule times when you will not be interrupted by your alerts. You can set different times for each alert.

Contact Us

Call 800.755.5000 in Illinois or 800.552.7583 in Missouri for any further questions or information about Ameren Alerts & Notifications. 

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