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Custom Incentives

The BizSavers program may provide Custom Incentives for energy efficient equipment that is not eligible for Standard Incentives. Custom Incentives are calculated based on the projected annual energy reduction. These incentives require pre-approval before equipment purchase or installation.

To use the Custom Incentive application, simply download the Excel file linked below and save it to your system with a unique name.

Download the application file nowBizSavers Incentive Application (Excel 2010 or above - file size approximately 4.8 MB)

Next, complete the necessary information required with the application and gather all required documents to submit with the application, such as:

  • Specification sheets of all new equipment 
  • Calculation or model output if applicable 
  • Tax exempt letter if applicable 
  • Additional project assumption documents if applicable 

All Custom Incentives require pre-approval, so, please do not purchase or install anything until you receive approval from the Program. Review the Program Guidelines for more information on eligibility and incentive rates by equipment end use.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.      

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