Incentives & Programs

Businesses growing or expanding in our service territory can take advantage of a variety of money- and energy-saving incentives and programs from the outset of your economic planning process throughout the life of your business. These programs can play a key role in achieving long-term success.

Project Start-Up Savings

Line Extension Allowance

Your growing business may be able to take advantage of our Line Extension Allowance to offset the costs of extending, modifying and/or enlarging the electric distribution system. This saving can jumpstart the initiation of your project, give you more flexibility in site selection and reduce start-up costs.

Operational Savings

Business Energy Efficiency Programs – BizSavers®

Upgrading your business’s energy efficiency is an excellent way to reduce your operating costs and reinvest the savings in growing your enterprise. Through our BizSavers® program, you can earn cash incentives for upgrading lighting, HVAC, commercial cooking, water heating, compressed air and other equipment. You can also access a trusted network of experts to assist with project feasibility, planning, equipment installation and incentive applications.

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Demand Response

Save with our unique Demand Response Program. Eligible businesses (generally manufacturers, schools, data centers and cold storage operators) can participate in this program and earn cash incentives by simply reducing their energy consumption temporarily in response to periods of peak demand on the grid. Your economic development representative will help determine whether this would apply to your business.

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Long-Term Savings


Many businesses are actively integrating sustainability into their long-term vision and strategy. Electrification plays a key role in decarbonization and helps businesses reach their sustainability goals. Take advantage of our generous incentives for our business customers to get started with electric equipment and vehicles that can provide long-term savings on energy and maintenance costs while contributing to your business’s sustainability. You can save up to half of the total project cost for installing vehicle and equipment charging. And there are federal tax credits for even more savings.

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Ongoing Business Success

Valuable Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partners include public-private partners, government entities, Chambers of Commerce, universities and community colleges and other utilities. These connections help you make the most of incentives, tax credits and unique resources that help propel your project. We work together for our common motivation: improving the economic well-being and quality of life in the communities we serve.

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