Smarter Energy For Business Growth

Running your business on clean, reliable and affordable energy is more important than ever. Your business relies on us to achieve that. We’ve accelerated our plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and have programs in place to bring clean energy to our customers. All without compromising on the reliability and affordability you depend on.


We know the importance of sustainable energy to your business’s success. To support your business’s commitment to using sustainable, renewable energy, we currently offer renewable programs and are on track to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across our entire generating portfolio by 2045.


Your business needs reliable, stable electric power, and we’re making big investments to assure that’s what you get. Through our Smart Energy Plan, we're investing $9.9 billion to harden and sustain the grid for resiliency and reliability.


Power your business with some of the most affordable electricity in the U.S. Add to that our significant, long-term investments in reliable and resilient electric power for all our customers, and you can be assured you get the power you need when you need it.

Target to Achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

By 2030, 59% of our generating portfolio will consist of zero-carbon renewables and nuclear energy. To fulfill our commitment to net-zero carbon by 2045, we will employ a mix of renewables, energy storage, nuclear generation and/or new technologies.

For screen reader accessible version of this data, see chapters 1 and 6 of the Integrated Resource Plan.

1. Ameren's goals encompass both Scope 1 and 2 emissions including other greenhouse gas emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and sulfur hexafluoride. This goal is dependent on a variety of factors including cost-effective advancements in innovative clean energy technologies as well as constructive federal and state energy and economic policies.

Power Your Business With Renewable Energy

Our Renewable Solutions program allows eligible businesses and organizations to replace up to 100% of their total energy use with renewable sources. Through a subscription, you can directly support adding renewable energy to the grid and receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECS).

  • Price certainty with no market risk
  • Simple, easy payments
  • No capital investment required
  • Meet your sustainability goals by using clean energy
Renewable Programs

Expanding Solar Energy: The Community Solar Program

The Community Solar program makes it easy for eligible customers to commit to solar energy without installing solar panels on their homes or businesses. Eligible subscribers can allocate up to 100% of their energy use to the program.

Solar Programs

Clean Energy Now and For the Future

Our renewable energy sources include solar, wind, and hydroelectric. We’ve been harnessing clean energy since 1913. Customers can participate in innovative renewable energy programs today and continue in the future as we remain committed to bringing alternate sources to the forefront.

Sustainable Energy at Work

Low Rates and Savings Opportunities

Your savings start with our low retail electric rates – they are among the most affordable in the nation. It’s a great advantage for any business customer, especially for those in energy-intensive industries.


Below National Average


Below Midwest Average

Money and Energy Saving Opportunities

In addition to low electric rates, you can extend your savings with additional Ameren Missouri programs and incentives. Put together, these help keep your energy costs as low as possible, so you can invest in other ways to grow your business.

Available Incentives

Investing In Reliability and Resilience

Your business needs reliable, stable electric power, and we’re making big investments to assure that’s what you get. From 2022 to 2026, we are investing $8.4 billion to harden and sustain the grid for resiliency and reliability.


Upgraded power lines


Upgraded power line miles


Smart switches


Smart meters

A Top Performer in Reliability

We understand the impact of power disturbances on business operations, which is why we continually make significant investments and progress to reduce both average interruption frequency and duration, earning us a ranking in the top quartile of national benchmarks.

In both measurements, Ameren Missouri improves reliability year-over-year, illustrating our commitment to continuous improvement for our customers.

Learn More About Reliability

The Smart Energy Plan: Investing in Reliability

Through our Smart Energy Plan, we’re investing in state-of-the-art technology to create an energy future that’s smarter, cleaner, stronger, and propels the success of every one of our customers. We’re investing in infrastructure and technology to enhance reliability, strategies for faster restoration, redundancy systems, and incentives to attract and support business growth in our service territory.

Our Smart Energy Plan

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