Seasonal Assistance


Need help with your summer bill?

Contact Ameren Missouri to discuss the amount you owe to prevent disconnection of service or to restore service if your household is in threat of disconnection or your service is already disconnected.

  • If you do not qualify for federal or state programs, contact Cool Down St. Louis or the United Way to learn about other options that may be available.

Reasons for an increase in usage and bill amount during summer months:


  • Outside temperatures
    • The larger the gap between the thermostat setting and the temperature outside, the longer your air conditioner must work to cool your home. Move your thermostat temperature closer to the outside temperature as safely as possible to lower your energy bill. If you are suffering from health issues, please consult your physician about the proper temperature of your home. 

  • Seasonal appliances (heated pool, heated spa, etc.)

  • Other causes may include:
    • Old appliances that work inefficiently
    • Use of your washer, dryer, or dishwasher during the day instead of later during the evening
    • Rooms exposed to the sunlight through a window
    • Cracks or openings around windows or doors which allow heat to seep in from outside
    • Reduced air flow due to accumulation of dust and dirt on air filters

Cool ways to save:

  • Install a programmable thermostat
    • Ameren Missouri recommends an ideal setting of 78* F in the summer for your thermostat.

  • Have an air conditioning unit serviced to operate as efficiently as possible

  • Purchase energy efficient appliances

  • Use window shades or curtains to block the sunlight 

  • Use energy efficient lighting 

  • Supplement air conditioning with the use of ceiling and exhaust fans to circulate air

  • Unplug devices that are not in use

  • Fill gaps with insulation to prevent household leaks

  • Find energy-saving rebates through Ameren Missouri's energy efficiency program 

Winter Assistance

Contact Ameren Missouri to see if a payment agreement can be made if your heating bill is past due.

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