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Peak Time Rewards

The Ameren Illinois Peak Time Rewards® program gives eligible residential customers the opportunity to earn bill credits by reducing electricity usage during times of high electricity demand, typically summer afternoons.

It's time to team up and reduce your energy use. 


Small Shifts. Big Rewards.

By committing to a few small shifts to your lifestyle, you can make a big impact. Your participation helps your neighbors, your community and the environment by reducing emissions and giving the energy grid a break. And you could even save a little money in the process!

Reduce electricity usage.

Participating in Peak Time Rewards helps reduce electricity use during peak demand times.

Help the environment.

Reducing electricity use also reduces the need to build or operate additional power plants, lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Improve service reliability.

Switching when and how you use electricity can help give the energy grid a break and make service more reliable for everyone in your community.

Earn bill credits.

If you reduce your energy use below your baseline usage during a Peak Time Event, you’ll earn a credit on a future energy bill.

How Peak Time Rewards works.

Enroll in Peak Time Rewards

Receive a notification when a Peak Time Event is called.

Reduce Electricity Usage*

Most Ameren Illinois residential customers who have a smart meter are eligible for Peak Time Rewards. Visit our Energy Savings Center to find tips, tools, how-to videos and more to help you reduce energy around your home.

*To earn a credit on your bill, reduce your energy use below your baseline energy use. Ameren Illinois calculates your personal baseline energy use for each Peak Time Rewards event by reviewing your energy use on similar days prior to the event. Learn more here

Discover more ways to take control of your usage.

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