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Power Smart Pricing

Power Smart Pricing is an hourly electricity pricing program for residential customers served by Ameren Illinois. The price you pay for electricity will vary hour by hour based on actual market prices. Power Smart Pricing uses “day-ahead” prices, meaning the price for each hour of the day is set the night before. Your bill is calculated using the hourly, day-ahead market prices and your corresponding hourly usage. If you are able to shift your electric usage to different times of the day you can take advantage of lower priced hours. You can manage your electricity costs by using energy wisely during hours when prices are higher.


Participating in Power Smart Pricing helps reduce electricity use during peak demand times. This can help you save on costs and ease the stress on the power distribution system, making the electric service more reliable for your community. It also reduces the need to build or operate additional power plants, lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


Signing up is simple. Click here to enroll online anytime.


Use our day-ahead hourly pricing chart to see when prices are at their lowest.


Reduce your energy usage during higher-priced, peak demand times.

Discover more ways to save.

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