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Non-Vehicle Electrification Options

Ameren Illinois supports business customers switching from combustion powered vehicles and equipment to clean electric technologies that reduce emissions, minimize energy and maintenance costs, and improve safety and productivity.

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Ameren Illinois can assist business customers considering a switch to electric equipment. A switch to electric equipment can be cost competitive and will assist in meeting sustainability goals.



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Thinking about what electrification looks like for your business? We understand that making the switch can be challenging. As business / industrial electrification evolves and expands, we’re learning about opportunities right along with our customers and we're happy to share our insight.

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Electric Equipment Options

Among the electric equipment gaining marketplace momentum from manufacturers and business customers are lift trucks (forklifts), truck refrigeration units (eTRUs), terminal/yard trucks, airport ground support units and commercial lawnmowers.


Electric Forklifts

Replace diesel, gasoline and propane-powered forklifts with electric forklifts to reduce maintenance and fuel costs, improve safety and reduce air and noise pollution.

Truck Refrigeration Units

Plug in instead of running on diesel by switching to electric-standby truck refrigeration units (eTRUs) to cool perishables.

Airport Ground Equipment

Airport ground support equipment (GSE) electrification makes sense because it reduces emissions and fuel costs, and is cleaner, quieter and healthier for guests and workers.

Electric Terminal Tractors

Slash operating and maintenance expenses along with emissions as you shuttle trailers in your terminal/cargo yard with electric power.

Commercial Lawn Care

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs as you eliminate harmful emissions and minimize noise.
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