Presentation Topic Descriptions

Safety:  Our Top Priority
Safety workshops with versions for adults and students to explain what to do during power outages, how to recognize and report natural gas odors and how to stay safe during electrical emergencies - including why you should stay away from down power lines. Learn more now, visit our Safety page.
Use Less, Spend Less

This interactive energy efficiency workshop delivers no- and low-cost energy-saving tips and describes financial incentives to help you make energy-efficient home improvements. In addition, we provide resources to help you understand the value of conservation, incentives to help you save on energy costs and tools to help you prepare an energy-savings plan. To learn how to use less and spend less, see our For My Home section.
Energy Supply Options
This program helps our customers understand their electric supply options in Illinois’ restructured energy environment and explores potential ways to save money with Retail Electric Suppliers (RES) and aggregation. Ameren Illinois is dedicated to educating customers about supply choice in Illinois and encourages customers to explore all of their electric supply options. Learn more.

Getting Power to Your House
This program provides an in-depth look at how electricity gets to your home and what it takes to deliver safe, reliable power to you. For a preview, check out our online video: Getting the Power to Your House.
Why the Power Goes Out

Do you know what to do if your power goes out or how to be prepared for a power outage before it happens? This program shows you why power outages occur and what we do to restore your service as safely and quickly as possible. Learn more by watching our online video: Why the Power Goes Out.

Energy Assistance
This workshop provides information about energy-assistance programs, including eligibility requirements and how to apply. Visit the Ameren Illinois Energy Assistance Programs page, the Keep Cool Illinois website, or the Illinois LIHEAP website to learn more.
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