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Electric School Bus Opportunity

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In 2015, by way of court ordered settlement, Volkswagen resolved allegations that it violated the Clean Air Act. As part of a settlement, Illinois was among the states awarded money from the auto manufacturer. In an effort to put the funds to use on a clean‐energy initiative, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has allocated $10.8 million (or 10% of the total settlement award) to replace/convert pre‐2009 diesel school buses with electric school buses.

Information for School Districts:

Illinois EPA Volkswagen Settlement Page

Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Portal

May 16, 2019 Webinar with Illinois EPA


Ameren Illinois is looking for EV bus champions at school districts in central and southern Illinois who are excited for this opportunity that we can continue to partner with and engage with as electric school buses become more prevalent in Illinois.

Kristol Simms | KSimms@ameren.com | 618-343-8062


Manufacturer Specifications

Lion C (Type C all-electric conventional School Bus)

Lion A (Mini all-electric school bus)

Motiv/Starcraft Type C

Motiv/Trans Tech Type A

Blue Bird

Manufacturer Contacts

Lion Bus - Marie Bedard | marie.bedard@thelionelectric.com | 514.717.3703

Motiv/Trans Tech/Starcraft - Kash Sethi | kash.sethi@motivps.com | 650.730.7604

Adomani/Blue Bird - Kevin Kanning | kevin.k@adomanielectric.com | 650.533.7629


Environmental Law & Policy Center

Rob Kelter, Senior Attorney | rkelter@elpc.org | 312.795.3734

Susan Mudd, Senior Policy Advocate | smudd@elpc.org | 312.795.3722


Illinois EPA Contacts

Office of Community Relations | EPA.VWSettlement@illinois.gov

Brad Frost | brad.frost@illinois.gov | 217.782.7027

Deirdre McQuillen | deirdre.mcquillen@illinois.gov




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