Tree Trimming and Removal

Ameren Illinois trims trees only in right-of-way and easements. Trees near the electric line that runs from the main power line to a home - called a service drop - are the property owner’s responsibility. See illustration of service drops in a Distribution System.

Usually, when homes are built an easement is granted at the time of development that allows utilities the ability to access and maintain their equipment. Ameren Illinois may therefore hold easement rights on the land on which power lines and poles are located. Ameren Illinois requests landowners not to encroach on the easements with trees or buildings that may disrupt the operation of the lines.

If you are concerned about tree growth near your service drop, please call 800.755.5000 to request and schedule an appointment to have your service drop disconnected in order to have the trees near this line trimmed safely. We recommend that you hire a professional tree service to do this trimming.

In some cases, Ameren Illinois may have to remove trees that we deem a high risk to electrical service or to the general public. Fast growing trees under power lines can interfere with electrical service and cause power outages. A contractor from Ameren Illinois will notify the homeowner regarding the need for removal.
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