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EV Incentives

Incentives to drive electric come in all forms.

Incentives to drive electric include reducing the cost of your car, electric fuel or maintenance:


  • Federal tax credit: Most new EVs are eligible for up to a $7,500 federal tax credit.
  • Pay less at the plug: The cost of fueling an EV is less than half that of a conventional vehicle. Compare the costs of driving on electricity with our Comparison Tool.
  • No emissions checks for all electric vehicles: No tailpipe means no tailpipe emissions– and no emissions checks.
  • Charging is easy: Charge your car while you sleep. If you can plug in an appliance you can plug in an EV. 
  • More than 32 models: There is an electric car or SUV to fit almost every lifestyle.
  • Cleaner air: All-electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Still contributes to roadway infrastructure: Since you no longer pay gasoline tax at the pump, the State requires a small annual fee that supports road maintenance. 
  • Better rate to fuel your EV when demand for electricity is lowest: Plug in during the preferred time and save on electric delivery fees while you charge with the EV Rate Program.  
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