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EV Rate

Residential Program

Interested in maximizing your household energy plan? Join the Ameren Illinois EV Rate Program - an optional rate program for Ameren Illinois residential customers who drive an electric vehicle (EV) and charge at home.

1. Am I a Good Fit?

The EV Rate Program is a good fit for anyone who drives an electric vehicle and charges at home.

If you have not yet installed an EV charger visit our charging resources page to learn more.

2. How to Access

Enrolling is easy. You can enroll in the EV Rate program anytime online.
Access Rate

3. Manage Your Electricity Costs

Charging your vehicle and shifting some of your electricity usage to the PCP can help lower your electricity costs, including the costs of charging your EV. To find more ways to save and improve the energy performance of your home, visit our Energy Savings Center.

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