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Start Service

You can apply for electric and gas service online. You will need the following information to apply for service:

  • Primary account holder name
  • Service address where the service is to be turned on
  • Home phone number
  • Alternate phone number (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number
  • Spouse or roommate name (if applicable)
  • Mailing address, if different than the service address
  • Effective date you would like the service to be turned on
If you are already a residential customer, we may require a deposit equal to twice your highest monthly bill if:
  • Your service has been disconnected.
  • You have failed to pay your utility bill before the due date for five out of the last 12 months. 
  • You have been using service illegally.

If you are a new Ameren Missouri customer or have not had service in the past five years, we may require a deposit if your Equifax Advanced Energy Risk Score  is below the credit threshold.

Commercial customers may be assessed a deposit if payments are late on more than four occurrences in the last 12 months.

Ameren Missouri generally does not charge an activation fee for service. If you are a gas customer who chooses to use service on a seasonal basis, some fees may apply.

Electric Service: In most cases, you do not have to do anything. For safety reasons, Ameren Missouri requests that you have your main breaker in the off position or your main fuse pulled prior to connection of service. Failure to do so may delay turning on service.

Gas Service: The electricity must be turned on before Ameren Missouri can turn on your natural gas service.

Only if your service is off. Please arrange for an adult (18 years or older) to be present to give us clear access to your meter for service to be turned on.
We need positive identification in the form of a Social Security Number to open an Ameren Missouri account in your name online. Ameren Missouri requires this information to protect our customers from criminal acts of identification fraud.

If you do not have a Social Security Number, please contact the Ameren Missouri Customer Contact Center at 800.552.7583 to arrange for proof of identification to establish service.