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Stop Service

Ameren Missouri will attempt to read the meter(s) on the day you requested your service to stop, but we may choose to leave the electric or gas service active.

Your responsibility for the billing will stop on the day you request that the service be turned off provided that we have access to the meter.

If you are moving gas appliances like a stove or clothes dryer, Ameren Missouri will physically turn off the gas service for safety reasons. Also, if the premise is scheduled for demolition, Ameren Missouri will physically turn off the services and remove the meter(s), pipes, lines, etc.

Learn more about Disconnection and Reconnection of Service.
Customers with accounts in collections status or those who request removal of service wires should contact the Ameren Missouri Customer Contact Center.
Yes. Please arrange for an adult (18 years or older) to be present to give us clear access to the meter for gas to be disconnected. However, the gas meter will not be disconnected if the new occupants request service prior to the date you have scheduled for the meter to be disconnected. In this case, Ameren Missouri will simply transfer names on the requested date. 

Please note: If you do not allow Ameren Missouri access to an inside gas meter, you will be responsible for the gas usage at the residence until the gas service is transferred out of your name.
We need to know the date you will turn off service and whether you will be moving any gas appliances. We also require a forwarding address for your final bill.
You can update your order online provided you originally placed the order online. If you did not originally place your order online, please contact the Ameren Missouri Customer Contact Center.