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Start Service FAQs

Gas Service: The electricity must be turned on before Ameren can turn on your natural gas service.

Electric Service: In most cases, you do not have to do anything. For safety reasons, Ameren requests that you have your main breaker in the “off” position or your main fuse pulled prior to connection of service. Failure to do so may delay turning on service.
You can apply for electric and gas service online. You will need the following information to apply for service:

  • Primary account holder name
  • Service address where the service is to be turned on
  • Home phone number
  • Alternate phone number (if applicable)
  • Social Security Number
  • Name of Spouse (if applicable) 
  • Mailing address, if different than the service address
  • Effective date you would like the service to be turned on
  • We need positive identification in the form of a Social Security Number to open an Ameren Illinois account in your name online. Ameren Illinois requires this information to protect our customers from criminal acts of identification fraud. 
  • If you do not have a Social Security Number, please call your Ameren Illinois Customer Contact Center to arrange for proof of identification to establish service.
  • If you have a Social Security Number, you can start services by using the online options

  • Two forms of notarized identification are required. We must have a Notary Seal on the copies of your IDs.
  • On the copy, write a simple statement such as "The information provided is true and correct.  I would like service at [Please list the full service address]." Please do not sign the written statement until you are in the presence of the Notary. 
  • Copy can be faxed to 217.424.6496 or emailed to AmerenILCredit@ameren.com.
  • View our list of acceptable forms of identification.


  • Access the Netverify ID verification tool.
  • Email address is required.
  • Follow instructions to upload or capture a picture of yourself and your identification.

After you have submitted your identification, an Ameren representative will be in contact with you either by phone or email dependent upon how you submitted your information.

If you do not hear anything from us within 2 hours of submitting your information, please contact Ameren Illinois Customer Care Center to confirm receipt.

Once approved, you will need to speak with a representative to setup the new account.

Use the following tips for entering a service address:

  • Spell out all abbreviated words (e.g., Saint Louis).
  • It is not necessary to use punctuation marks or apostrophes (e.g., O Fallon).
  • ZIP Codes should be five digits (e.g., 63116, 63017).
  • To help identify the location you are moving into, you can always enter the eight character Ameren meter number if you are not sure of the address or for rural addresses that don’t have conventional street addresses.
  • The United States Postal Service provides a helpful website to check service addresses: www.usps.com.
You may use our online form to request to start service at your business. 
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