Gift of Energy

Make Someone's Month a Little Brighter

You can help make someone's month a little brighter by purchasing a Gift of Energy from Ameren.

Through our Gift of Energy program, you can make a payment toward the Ameren energy balance of a friend, loved one, neighbor or even a local business. Your gift will be applied to their balance, and it can be as large or as small as you would like. No minimum or maximum amount is required for this program.

The recipient will be notified of your gift, and it will appear as a payment on their Ameren statement (you can choose to remain anonymous). When the payment has been processed, you'll also receive a notification from Ameren. (You do not have to be an Ameren customer to purchase a Gift of Energy.)

Step 1

Print and complete the form.

Complete Form

Step 2

Mail the form with your check to:

Ameren Illinois
PO Box 88034
Chicago, IL 60680-1034

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