Aggregated Customer Data


Aggregated Anonymous Data Request


Utilities would provide 12 months of customer usage data of at least 15 customers WITHIN A SINGLE RATE CLASSIFICATION* organized by groups of customers within the same ZIP +4 area after stripping any identifiable information (name, address, account number, etc.). A single customer’s load must not comprise more than 15% of the customer group. If the number of customers in the dataset is below 15, or if a single customer’s load is more than 15% of the total data, utilities must expand the geographic area, moving to a ZIP+2 level for example. If the 15 customer requirement is not met after the first expansion of the zip code, the sample size is expanded to the ZIP level.

* RATE CLASSIFICATION – All customers taking electric service from the company are assigned to a Delivery Service (DS) rate classification. Residential customers are placed on Rate DS-1. Non-residential customers are classified based on their historical demand – Rate DS-2 is for customers with demands <150KW; DS-3 customers have demands >150KW but <1,000KW; and DS-4 customers have demands >1,000KW.

To receive Aggregated Anonymous Data: please open the link to view, complete, and sign the Aggregated Anonymous Data Request document and return to Ameren Illinois Business Applications: IllinoisBusinessApplications@ameren.com.

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