The Clean Energy Transition

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CEJA: State Energy Law

In 2021, Illinois passed its own clean energy bill, the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) – committing Illinois to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Key provisions include meeting existing fossil generating plant zero-emission requirements; investments in residential, community, and utility-scale renewable energy; and investments in electrification targeting one million EVs on Illinois roads by 2030. The law also contains provisions that impact the way the state's utilities, like Ameren Illinois, must invest in grid enhancements to prepare for an equitable transition to clean energy.

Ameren Grid Plan

Provisions in CEJA require Ameren Illinois propose a multi-year plan (PDF) outlining the investments it will make to deliver safe, secure, and reliable power to customers in a manner that considers equity and affordability. Ameren Illinois is committed to advancing the grid to support the clean energy transition, enabling increased customer generation, streamlining renewable interconnections, expanding customer options for energy service, and supporting the overall electrification of the downstate Illinois economy.

The Plan focuses on four strategic priorities:


Safety and Reliability

Sustain and strengthen grid safety and reliability through continued investment in programs, systems, and infrastructure that serve as the foundation for a more advanced, secure, and clean grid.


Better withstand grid interruptions caused by the increase in severe weather events by proactively replacing equipment, implementing advanced infrastructure hardening, and installing more intelligent, automated, flexible, and redundant systems.

Customer Experience

Empower customers to take control of their energy decisions through expanded access to tools and usage data. Increase investments in energy efficiency programs to help customers reduce their energy usage and save money while continuing to prioritize affordability, equity, and improved customer service systems.

Clean Energy Transition

Make it easy for customers and developers to connect to distributed energy resources such as solar, wind, and battery storage. Promote the equitable long-term growth of renewable energy, demand response, and energy efficiency; and facilitate customer adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) through lower off-peak charging rates and credits for public charging facilities in low income-areas.


2024 Refiling

As required under CEJA, in January of 2023 Ameren Illinois filed a multi-year plan outlining the system improvements and revenue required to strengthen the reliability and resiliency of the electric grid and prepare for an equitable transition to clean energy. The Illinois Commerce Commission did not approve the plan and on March 13, Ameren Illinois submitted a revised grid plan (PDF), available on on the Commission's website for public review. Please use the contact form below to submit your feedback on the plan.


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