Community Solar

Aggregated Net Metering

Net Metering – Measurement during the billing period applicable to an eligible customer of the net amount of electricity supplied by an electricity provider to the customer's premises or provided to the electricity provider by the customer.

Community Solar (Aggregated Net Metering)

– Community Solar, also known as Aggregated Net Metering, allows customers to use the output of off site generation to reduce billed usage at their homes or businesses. Participating customers/subscribers contract with the generator owners for a subscription entitling them to the output of a certain portion of a generator. These subscriptions are portable (can be used anywhere in Ameren Illinois territory) and transferrable (subscriptions can be sold or given to other participants). The terms and conditions associated with the sale and transfer of subscriptions are between the generator owner and the customer/subscriber.

Customers/Subscribers must authorize the generator owner to enroll them in Ameren Illinois net metering service. Ameren Illinois may ask customers/subscribers for their authorization to release information about their usage and billing to the generator owner.

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Support Documentation

  • 220 ILCS 5/16
    • Click the link above and locate section 220 ILCS 5/16-107.5 for information related to Aggregated Net Metering/Community Solar
  • Illinois Rebate Tariff
    • More to information to come – this tariff is currently being created


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