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Information for Developers of Renewable Energy

Ameren Illinois has created a one-stop shop for Renewable Energy Developers to obtain all of the information they need to begin and complete a project. From what you need to develop an individual residential project, to Community Solar, and all the way up to a large industrial project.

Program Applications

Interconnection & Distributed Generation

Part 466 Pre-Application Form
Part 467 Pre-Application Form

Distributed Generation 25 kVa and less: Distributed Generation Level 1 Application
Distributed Generation greater than kVa to 10,000 kVa: Distributed Generation Level 2, 3, 4 Application
Distributed Generation of greater than 10,000 kVa: Distributed Generation >10 MVA Application

Net Metering Application

Qualifying Facility Application

All completed applications should be mailed to:

Ameren Illinois Net Metering Coordinator

607 East Adams, MC Springfield, 10th Floor

Springfield, IL 62701

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