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Learn about your renewables options and how Ameren Illinois can assist you.

With new and emerging technologies, more people are searching for ways to utilize renewable resources to power their homes or businesses, help the environment, and even save money. Ameren Illinois wants to help you understand the options available to you, and how those options may affect your service.

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Are you interested in generating and
potentially selling your own electricity?
Are you unable to or prefer not to install renewable generation on your property?
  • Step 2: Compensation Options
    Once Interconnection is complete, consider Net Metering or becoming a Qualifying Facility. 


Renewable Supply Options 

Supply Options  Net Metering  Qualifying Facility  Community Solar  Retail Electric Supplier Standard Supply Default Option
Description Apply output from a qualifying renewable energy source to offset the usage on your energy bill Receive compensation on a qualifying generator’s output based on Midwest wholesale electric market prices Subscribe to solar output from a Generator/Owner and use that offset the usage on your energy bill Source your energy from a Retail Electric Supplier Default sources of electric supply for Ameren Illinois customers
Energy Source On-Site Generation On-Site Generation
Subscription to solar output from Solar Generator/ Owner
Source depends on Retail Electric Supplier
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Cost to Participant No cost to participant No cost to participant
Subscription fee paid to Solar Generator/Owner per individual contract terms
Subscription fee paid to Third Party Supplier per individual contract terms
No additional cost
Requires On-Site Installation Yes Yes No No No
Ability to produce and use your own energy, reducing energy metered by utility Yes Yes No No No
Ability to sell the energy you generate No Yes No No No

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