Ameren Illinois Reliability Projects

Quincy Projects

Ameren Illinois is hard at work in Quincy making improvements to our electric and natural gas delivery system by making upgrades throughout Adams, Brown, Hancock, Pike and Schuyler counties. These enhancements to the power grid will improve the reliability and performance of our energy delivery systems.

Quincy, IL

The following are just a few of local infrastructure projects that have been completed or are in progress throughout the Quincy area to help improve reliability and ensure that our power is there when you need it: 

Enhanced Reliability 

  Added a new electric system tie between Hamilton and Warsaw. This tie will give us a new way to deliver electricity in the event of an outage. Hamilton’s substation will also have new smart switches added.
  Added specially designed fencing to substations to keep squirrels, raccoons and other animals from wandering in and causing outages.

Advanced Technology 

  Six outage detection devices have been installed onto circuits that feed residential and businesses in Quincy. These smart devices sense faults in the flow of electricity and identify circuits from which power can be re-routed to reduce the number of customers affected by an outage.
  Adding advanced relay devices to three of our substations in Quincy. Each of these relay devices will help monitor the health of our systems, while also restoring service after an outage.
  Adding upgraded equipment at the Clayton East substation, such as Vipers. This equipment will help us know when there is a problem with our power lines — ranging from a fallen tree to lightning strikes. Nauvoo, Pleasant Hill and Browning will also receive Vipers to help reduce the amount of outages and cut down outage times.

Enhanced Natural Gas Delivery System

  Replaced an underground natural gas regulator station, which was more susceptible to moisture and corrosion, with a new, above-ground station. This helps improve service by controlling gas pressure and keeping it at a constant level.

To see our recently completed, in-progress and planned projects across the state, check out our Map of Projects

Ameren Illinois is doing more than just enhancing technology in the Quincy area. Learn how our employees are getting involved and making a difference in your community.

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