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Claims Process

How do I submit a claim for actual damages under Section 16-125 (e) or (f) of the Public Utilities Act?

The description of this process and the related Claim Form are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an admission of liability on the part of Ameren Illinois Company.

To submit a claim for actual damages, including food spoilage, due to a power interruption, outage, surge, or other fluctuation, complete a Claim Form and mail the Claim Form and supporting documentation to:

Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc.

PO Box 4605 Chesterfield, MO 63006-4605


Claim Assessment and Processing

1. Ameren Illinois will send the customer written confirmation that it received the customer’s Claim Form shortly after receiving a claim.

2. Ameren Illinois will determine whether the claim arises from a qualifying interruption, outage, surge, or other fluctuation. Ameren Illinois will determine whether it believes any of the statutory exemptions apply.

  • If none of the exemptions applies, the claim will be processed.
  • If one or more of the exemptions apply, then Ameren Illinois may deny the claim or request a waiver from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). Ameren Illinois will inform the customer of the waiver request, and that the processing of the claim will be stayed until the ICC makes a decision.
    1. If the ICC grants Ameren Illinois’ waiver request, then Ameren Illinois will inform the customer that it is not liable for the customer’s claim.
    2. If the ICC denies Ameren Illinois’ request and the decision is not appealed, then Ameren Illinois will process the customer’s claim and provide additional notice to customers who may have been affected by the qualifying event.

3. Ameren Illinois will communicate its proposed resolution of the claim to the customer. Typical claims are resolved within 90 days (excluding any time that claims were held pending an ICC or court decision) after Ameren Illinois has received a completed Claim Form with the required proof of damage.


Customers with questions about Section 16-125 (e) and (f) or Ameren Illinois’ claim process may call us at 1.800.755.5000. If you have questions about your particular claim, you may call the Ameren Illinois claims administrator, Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc., at 1.800.781.2075.


Note: The foregoing is, and is intended to be, only a general description of Section 16-125 (e) and (f) of the Public Utilities Act, and Ameren Illinois’ process for addressing certain claims thereunder. Nothing in the foregoing description creates or affects or is intended to create or affect any legal or equitable rights, duties, or exceptions.