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Filing a Claim

Under Section 16-125 (e) or (f) of the Public Utilities Act

Ameren Illinois takes providing our customers with reliable power seriously. We continue to make investments in our electric infrastructure to reduce the number of and duration of power outages and improve the quality of energy we deliver to our customers. However, should certain causes of power interruptions, outages, surges or other fluctuations occur, Section 16-125 (e) or (f) of the Illinois Public Utilities Act may allow customers to receive payment for actual damages resulting from:

  • Continuous power interruptions or outages of four hours or more that affect more than point eight percent (0.8%) of customers (approximately 9,900); or
  • Power surges or other fluctuations that affect more than point eight percent (0.8%) of customers (approximately 9,900).


Ameren Illinois may not be required to make payments for actual damages when the power interruption, surge, or other fluctuation is caused by:

  • Unpreventable damage resulting from weather events or conditions
  • Customer tampering
  • Unpreventable damage resulting from civil or international unrest
  • Unpreventable damage caused by animals
  • Damage to equipment caused by an individual who is not an Ameren Illinois employee, agent or contractor



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