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Energy Insights



Ameren Illinois is proud to power one of the smartest energy grids in the nation. This smart technology not only helps increase reliability but it can also help you save energy and money by providing valuable insights about how you use energy. 



You can track your steps. You can track your screen time. Why not track your energy? 

Our energy-tracking tools bring your usage data to life in easy-to-understand charts that can help you spot energy trends and find ways to save money. 

My Usage
See how your energy usage changes by the day, by the year, by the hour or even with seasonal shifts. 

My Energy Overview
Take a short survey and get a breakdown of how you use your energy. 

Both tools can be found on your Account Dashboard. 




Your Bill Makeup

Your energy bill can tell you a lot about your energy usage too - you just need to know where to look. 

What You Owe

The amount due is a breakdown of the amounts due for natural gas and/or electric service as well as any additional charges or prior amount due for the month. 

Monthly Energy Usage

Track your usage based on the month and temperature. 
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Last Year Comparison

Compare the current kilowatt usage to last year's kilowatt usage.


Energy Savings Tips


Tip #1

Replace traditional lightbulbs with LEDs.

Tip #2

Close doors and windows when HVAC systems are in use. 

Tip #3

Use a programmable or smart thermostat. 

Tip #4

Use cold water when washing your clothes, which uses less energy. 

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