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Gas Choice Portal

Our Gas Choice Portal is a web-based system primarily used by suppliers and gas transportation customers to submit nominations electronically and view specific information about their accounts. Gas Choice reports include account activity, cash out volume and price, bank balance, billing summary information, MDCQ, as well as pertinent account information. Learn how to get started.

Download Data

Log in for hourly or monthly reports. Data available for multiple service points. 

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View Data Download Status

Check the status of your request. 

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View Monthly Consumption

Log in to view monthly report.

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List of Cities

By pipeline, for all cities, or assigned weather zones for GDS-5 accounts.

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Learn about natural gas supply rates.

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Weather Forecast Tool

Log in to access weather forecast data.

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Request to Modify Maximum Daily Contract Quantity (MDCQ) Form

Customers use this agreement when requesting an increase or decrease in their MDCQ.

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Nomination Form

Access the Gas Transportation nomination form. 

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Transportation Calendar

View the Ameren Illinois Transportation Calendar.

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Account Agent Designation Statement Form

Customers use the statement to designate an agent who has access to obtain and manage services for the customer's specific active account.

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Termination of Account Agent Designation Statement Form

Customers use the termination form to remove an agent from this type of access.

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Natural Gas Suppliers

These are the suppliers that are registered with Ameren to supply non-residential customers.

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