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Aggregated Net Metering

A new Illinois law has made it easier for Ameren Illinois customers to benefit from renewable energy. You may be contacted by a company not affiliated with Ameren Illinois about subscribing to receive a portion of your power supply from a Community Solar facility. Ameren Illinois encourages you to explore your options and research the viability of any proposed project. As your energy delivery company, we want to make it easy for you to assess the benefits of any energy supply option, including solar and other renewable sources.

What is Community Solar?

Ameren Illinois customers can benefit from solar energy without having to install solar panels or renewable generation equipment on their own homes or businesses. With Community Solar, customers subscribe to receive a portion of the renewable energy produced by a qualifying solar facility, regardless of where in the Ameren Illinois service territory that solar generator facility is located. 

What is Ameren Illinois' role?

We help connect the community solar facility to the Ameren Illinois electric grid. We will also work with the developers to ensure that the appropriate portion of renewable energy is deducted from your monthly bill. As a delivery only utility, Ameren Illinois does not profit from the generation of energy supply. If you have questions related to your bill, Ameren Illinois can help you understand the breakdown of your energy bill. If you have questions about the actual generation you have subscribed to, contact the generation owner. 

Resources for Developers

Support Documentation

Click here to view FAQs and more Qualifying Facilities information provided as part of an Illinois Commerce Commission Staff-initiated workshop.

Click here and locate section 220 ILCS 5/16-107.5 for information related to Aggregated Net Metering/Community Solar

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