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Peak Time Rewards

The Ameren Illinois Peak Time Rewards® program gives eligible residential customers the opportunity to earn bill credits by reducing electricity usage during times of high electricity demand, typically summer afternoons.

Welcome to Peak Time Rewards

Team up with Ameren Illinois and energy-saving expert Matt Muenster to find the best ways to reduce your energy during Peak Time Events and all year long.

Get the whole family involved!

One of the benefits of reducing your energy usage is the positive effects it can have on your community and the environment. And getting the whole family involved can turn saving energy into something worth looking forward to. Here are some fun activities that don’t require electricity that you can do during a Peak Time Event:

Get Current: Switch on Clean Energy Coloring Book

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A Beautiful World Begins With You: A Spanish Activity Guide
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Fun and interactive games to play.


Find energy savings tips that will work for you.

Take control of your energy usage in 10 minutes or less.

It's always time to save.

Download our energy savings guide for tips and ideas on ways you can reduce your energy usage any time of year. There’s never a wrong time to save money or electricity.


Find energy savings tips that will work for you.

Find even more ways to save.

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