LaSalle Link Project

Ameren Illinois is proposing the LaSalle Link Project to improve energy reliability for local customers in the LaSalle County area. This Project includes the construction of a new, 11-mile, 138 kV transmission line to connect the Corbin substation in Oglesby, Illinois to the North Utica substation near North Utica, Illinois. Our goal is to have this new line in service and providing benefits to the local community in early 2026.

On September 23, 2022, Ameren Illinois submitted an application to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the Project. On August 31, 2023, the ICC approved a final route and issued a CPCN for the LaSalle Link Project. The new transmission line is anticipated to be in service and provide benefits to the local community in early 2026.





Public and Stakeholder Involvement 

Our project team has gathered and reviewed data from community members, landowners, and stakeholders in the area during different stages of the Project. Our first phase of engagement was June 20 – June 29, 2022, to gather input on the Route Segments. All input received was reviewed and considered during the development of the Preliminary Route Alternatives. The second phase of engagement was July 26 – August 3, 2022 and was used to gather input on the Preliminary Route Alternatives. All comments collected were reviewed and considered by the project team during the development of the selected and filed Primary Route. We appreciate everyone’s participation during each phase of engagement. Join our project email list to receive updates on the project. If you were unable to participate in any of the phases of engagement – connect with our project team today.

Next Steps

With the ICC approval of the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) for the LaSalle Link Project, landowner easement negotiations currently underway with preconstruction activities scheduled to begin in spring 2024 and construction is anticipated to begin in early 2025.

For more information on the ICC Filing visit icc.illinois.gov/docket and enter 22-0586 in the search box. 

Project Schedule 

2022: Data Collection and Design

  • Gather public, stakeholder and agency input
  • Final route(s) identified
  • File final route(s) with Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)

2023: Surveys and Real Estate

  • Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) decision
  • Engineering and permitting
  • Environmental surveys and permitting
  • Easement acquisition process

2024: Preconstruction

  • Preconstruction activities

2025: Construction

  • Construction begins
  • Project in Service 

*All items shown are pending regulatory approvals. Schedule is subject to change.


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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Ameren Illinois is proposing the LaSalle Link Project to improve energy reliability for local customers in the LaSalle County area. This Project includes the construction of a new 138 kV transmission line to connect the Corbin substation in Oglesby, Illinois to the North Utica substation near North Utica, Illinois. Our goal is to have this new line in service and providing benefits to the local community in early 2026.

As we continue to serve and invest in our communities, new projects — like the LaSalle Link Project – allow us to continue supporting the needs of our customers in your area. Communities in the LaSalle County area are currently supported by two Ameren Illinois 138 kV transmission lines that serve as the backbone for the energy system. Continuing to rely on these transmission sources in the event of a power outage poses a high risk of community-wide impacts within the area. The LaSalle Link Project community benefits are to:

  • Improve local energy reliability by creating additional pathways to support current and future energy needs
  • Help minimize power outage impacts to the local communities
  • Support expansion needed for continued area growth
  • Upgrade aging substations
Ameren performed a detailed study of the energy system supplying the LaSalle County area. The study identified redundancy and reliability concerns and the need for reinforcements to continue providing safe, reliable and environmentally safe energy to our customers. Multiple alternatives were evaluated, and we ultimately selected a plan to construct an additional138,000-volt transmission line in the area. We believe this is the most efficient solution that will increase the resiliency of the local energy system. The LaSalle Link Project meets Ameren's reliability standards and provides the long-term capability to meet the energy demands of our local communities.
The total investment, including line and substation upgrades, is currently estimated to cost approximately $33 million.

We anticipate using galvanized steel monopole structures. The structures will range between 80- 120 feet tall, depending on terrain. We estimate 7-8 structures per mile with an average span range of 700-800 feet between structures. The average steel monopole structures will have drilled pier, concrete foundations with diameters ranging between 6-10 feet and depths ranging from 25-35 feet for most structures, depending on structural loading and soil conditions. The conductors will meet or exceed the minimum clearance of 21 feet to grade required by the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC).


Throughout two phases of engagement, our project team collected input and information from landowners, community members, and agencies, to understand and identify opportunities and sensitivities within the project’s Study Area to help improve the routing and siting process. Our team reviewed all comments received during the in-person Open Houses, Virtual Open Houses, local community meetings, by email, mail and/or phone calls. These comments were considered as we used our routing criteria to determine the Primary Route. The Primary Route represents the best combination of technical guidelines, while utilizing Opportunities and minimizing impacts to Sensitivities within the surrounding areas.

The requested easement width for the LaSalle Link Project will be 100 feet. Details of the Project, what property rights are needed, location of the easement and compensation will be discussed with each landowner. Landowners will receive a one-time easement payment. Payment is made in the form of a check, at the time of or shortly after the time that each landowner provides an executed easement to Ameren Illinois. In most cases, landowners will be offered an advanced payment (by Ameren Illinois at the time of easement payment) for anticipated crop loss and restoration of cropland.

Access roads to the right-of-way for construction and maintenance at various points along the line often require additional easement agreements, which may be permanent or temporary. Should these be required, landowners will be compensated for any additional usage of their property.

Public and Stakeholder Involvement

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Ameren Illinois will coordinate with various environmental related agencies such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Office and other local interest groups. We'll be working with these agencies and organizations throughout the development of the LaSalle Link Project.
Ameren Illinois uses an avian-safe structure design and flight diverters where necessary as part of our corporate Avian Protection Plan to minimize impacts to migratory birds and meet regulatory requirements.
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